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Unfortunately, Ed Sheeran Isn’t Quitting Music

Unfortunately, Ed Sheeran Isn't Quitting Music featureEd Sheeran recently shut down rumors that he was getting ready to take a five-to-ten year break from the music industry. Ed retweeted a headline from MTV UK asking if he was quitting the business and replied, writing “Das bollocks.”

According to the original report, Ed is satisfied with his career and this point and ready to step down to focus on family.

“Ed has pretty much achieved everything there is to achieve in music,” an anonymous source told the Daily Star before MTV shared the news. “He absolutely loves what he does and is riding the wave of his success at the moment, but at the same time he wants a more normal life.”

“When or if he gets married he wants to put his wife and kids first and not his career,” the source continued. “If that means going AWOL for years then so be it.”

The first half of that does sound a lot like Ed. As his relationship with Cherry Seaborn continues, he’s made a lot of noise about wanting to start a family. But anyone who’s ever heard an Ed interview knows he’s not going to stop the music for that. Whether he’s milking his friendship with Taylor or coming for Adele, Ed seems eager to keep his name at the top of the industry.

See Ed’s tweet addressing the issue below.

(Photo credit: Vevo YouTube account)

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