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Halsey Isn’t Allowing Disney’s Plans To F*ck Up The “Mulan” Remake Stop Her From Being A Fan

Halsey not happy with Mulan rumors-2Halsey’s preparations to release the first single from her sophomore album “hopeless fountain kingdom” has been a lot easier since her excitement from the “Mulan” remake is dwindling. The singer previously issued a warning to the Disney studios if they ruined the classic film and she may have to follow through with the threat after it was reported the remake would not feature music.

Although “Mulan” not featuring any music means the rest of us won’t have to hear Halsey’s version of “Reflection” originally sang by Christina Aguilera, it is still disappointing news for many.  However, despite Disney possibly ruining one of its most popular princess films, Halsey won’t stop loving the movie.

Take a look at how Halsey truly feels about the “Mulan” rumors below.

(Photo credit: Halsey Instagram account)

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