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Cody Simpson Dashes Hopes of His Ever Starting a Supergroup wIth Joe Jonas

Cody Simpson
Hope you’re not wanting a Cody Simpson/Joe Jonas collaboration — because it won’t be happening anytime soon. The singer was stopped earlier this week by a TMZ cameraman, who asked him the important questions.

The cameraman asked if there’s any chance the two men could ever work together. Cody responded by saying, “Why would you say that to me?” before adding “No way.”

For those few not following at home, Cody broke up with model Gigi Hadid in May, and she is now linked with Joe Jonas.

There’s apparently no hope for a friendship either, since Simpson abruptly said “No way,” when asked if they could ever be friends. Guess someone is a little bitter that Gigi moved on so quickly.


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Niall Horan Admits That One Direction Isn’t Cool!

Glastonbury Festival 2015 - Day 1Sorry Directioners, but 1D’s Niall Horan spoke with The Mirror and told them why you probably won’t be seeing them at Glastonbury, the famous British music festival.

“We’re not cool enough to play at Glastonbury,” he joked. 

The boy band is taking a little time off before they get ready for their On the Road Again tour in the United States. Apparently, we Americans don’t have the same musical standards … 

Check out the photo gallery to see Niall and Louis Tomlinson watch Glastonbury’s cooler performers.

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