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Bella Hadid Lives Out Her “My Little Pony” Dreams In Milan

Bella Hadid Lives Out Her My Little Pony Dreams In Milan featureAfter literally carrying Gigi Hadid through a rehearsal, Bella Hadid is back to the good life thanks to the Moschino show that made one of her dreams come true. The high fashion expedition was a mix of “My Little Pony” and Lisa Frank, and Bella was so there for it.

She shared a pic via Instagram captioned, “MY LITTLE PONY DREAM.” The sheer volume of emojis in the post made it clear that Bella couldn’t contain her excitement at the punk look with a girly twist. Her pink pony tank top stood out in stark contrast to a black tutu, fishnet stockings and matching spiked leather hat and purse.

Check out pics and video of Bella at the show below.

(Photo credit: Bella Hadid Instagram account)

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