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Did Rihanna Steal Her New Man From Naomi Campbell?

Did Rihanna Steal Her New Man From Naomi Campbell featureRihanna has been spotted with a new man. The singer was snapped by paparazzi in Spain, where she was all over a mystery man in a swanky private pool. The couple swapped spit as they shared a moment with some champagne. The pics kicked off the #RihannaHasAManParty on Twitter, where fans celebrated their idol finding love again after things fell apart with Drake.

Rumor has it the new guy is Hassan Jameel, a Saudi billionaire whose family is a major stakeholder in Toyota. His family’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 billion and he rubs elbows with royalty around the world as a businessman. He has a history of dating famous women. Apparently, Hassan is an old flame of international supermodel Naomi Campbell, but not that old.

Did Rihanna Steal Her New Man From Naomi Campbell tweet bFans noticed that Rihanna and Naomi unfollowed each other on Instagram earlier this year, prompting Andy Cohen to ask Naomi if there was a beef there on his show “Watch What Happens Live” back in March. Naomi’s answer was telling even though she didn’t reveal anything.

“Everything’s fine,” Naomi said with a sly smile, prompting a big laugh from her fellow guest RuPaul. “I’m an actress now, Andy,” she continued, earning whoops from the crowd. But if Rihanna did steal her man, Naomi refused to air the dirty laundry out then and now it’s too late.

Check out Rihanna getting physical with her new man below, and watch Naomi play it cool when asked about any feud with Rih.

(Photo credit: Rihanna Instagram account)

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Bella Hadid Finally Comes Clean About Her Sibling Rivalry With Gigi Hadid

Bella Hadid Explains What Her Sibling Rivalry With Gigi Hadid Is Really Like featureBella Hadid recently sat down with Access Hollywood to discuss her whirlwind of success over the last year. From her non-stop schedule of runways to her own clothing line, Bella’s a busy lady.

That runs in the family as her older sister Gigi Hadid has had her own rise to fame. How did the two sisters both manage to find their niches in the fashion world without stepping on each other’s toes? According to Bella, it’s about putting family first–and knowing what kind of look any given job is asking for.

“The thing about Gigi and I and what my mom also said to us when we first started work was: This is your job and it’s not about you as sisters,” Bella said. “We do a lot of things together, but also our looks are completely different. At the end of the day, I have to be like, ‘Maybe they didn’t want a brown-haired girl with blue eyes. They wanted a blondie with a tan and features. And Gigi’s so beautiful so if she ever gets a job I don’t get, I’m like, ‘Take it!'”

Bella also shared a story about someone else who can’t believe how much work Bella gets. Apparently, Naomi Campbell was so concerned about Bella and Gigi’s careers, she tried to help the Hadid sister with their runway walks at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. But there’s only so much one person can do.

See Bella’s interview in two parts below.

(Photo credit: Gigi Hadid Instagram account)

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Kendall Jenner And Will.i.am Push Buttons With New Earbuds

kendall jenner and will.i.am are pushing buttons in new tech endeavor featureKendall Jenner is now on board with a brand trying to place itself at the cutting edge of fashion and technology. She joins Naomi Campbell as a partner and ambassador for Buttons, the new wearable, fashion-forward earbuds from Will.i.am’s company, i.am+. In an interview with The New York Times, Will.i.am explains why he thought Kendall was the perfect fit for the brand.

“Kendall represents the new millennial face of fashion,” he says. And she’s more than just a face with i.am+. Kendall joins Naomi, who Will.i.am calls “the queen of fashion,” as co-owners in the new endeavor. Buttons, which officially went on sale Wednesday, are designed to be earbuds the wearer can leave around the neck as an accessory even when they’re not in use.

“You know, we all love buying shoes to match our outfits and bags to match our outfits, but for some reason we don’t expect our technology to match our outfits,” Will.i.am explains. “Why not? Why should we just accept that? What I want to do is change that.”

Check out some pics of Kendall’s new buds below.

(Photo credits: iamplusofficial Instagram account and iamplus.com)

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Gigi Hadid Is Still Celebrating Her Birthday

Celebrities Party At Gigi Hadid's 21st Birthday BashGigi Hadid is still celebrating her 21st birthday. Last night, she hosted a star-studded party held at Los Angeles hotspot The Nice Guy. The supermodel was joined by besties Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. Boyfriend Zayn Malik also came and made sure Gigi made it to the car safely after partying with friends and family.

Celebs like Hailey Baldwin, Jaden Smith, Naomi Campbell and more all passed through to wish Gigi a happy birthday.

See photos and videos from Gigi’s birthday party below.

(Photo credits: Thumbs42/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, ZigiFacts and HadidNews Twitter accounts)

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