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Even NASA Noticed How Sh*tty Katy Perry’s MTV VMAs Performance Was

Professional Space Cadet Katy Perry Can Rest Easy After A Shoutout From NASA featureKaty Perry was anything but down-to-earth as the host of the 2017 MTV Music Video Awards on Sunday night. Ahead of her cringeworthy show opening, MTV ran a video of Katy prepping for her hosting duties with a fake trip to Mars. Katy interviewed a series of astronauts–real and fake–before pretending she headed to the red planet as research for the awards show.

One segment in the vid caught the eye of some actual spacefarers though. A few lines about Katy meeting up with and then ghosting the Curiosity caught the telescopic eye of NASA, which launched Curiosity in 2011 to explore Mars. While Katy suffered eclipse-level shade from other stars, the scientists who study actual stars gave her a shoutout.

Katy was over the moon that NASA took notice of her budding friendship with the bot. She took to Twitter to explain that she can actually get some sleep now that she knows NASA knows who she is.

It’s a shame the country’s foremost authorities on celestial bodies didn’t make it clear whether or not they consider Katy a star.

Check out the video, Katy’s VMAs performance and NASA’s response below.

(Photo credit: MTV Twitter account)

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