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Harry Styles Has A Surprise Tattoo Twin In The Kings Of Leon

harry styles kings of leon matching broken heart tattoos featureHarry Styles loves to live a bit of the rock star lifestyle. It turns out the One Direction singer has more in common with one rockstar than anyone knew. Nathan Followill, the drummer from the Kings of Leon, revealed the matching “Best Friends” tattoo he shares with Harry in a recent interview.

Pulling down his shirt to expose his chest, Nathan showed off the ink. It looks like he and Harry each got half of the classic heart-shaped necklace design that splits into two so each friend can take a piece. Nathan’s is slightly off-center on this chest, and his story checks out. Harry has half of a broken heart under the swallow on his left pec.

How exactly did Harry and Nathan meet? It’s hard to say, but it seems that they both have Taylor Swift in common.

Check out Nathan showing off his ink, plus a pic of Harry’s matching tat, below.

(Photo credits: Nathan Followill Twitter account; One Direction Instagram account; JoeLynn2003 Twitter account)

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