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The Director Of Rihanna’s Upcoming “Bates Motel” Episode Is Psyched To Get Her In The Shower

Rihanna's Upcoming Bates Motel Director Is Psyched, Or Psycho'ed, For Her RoleAccording to “Bates Motel” actor Nestor Carbonell, Rihanna’s iconic role in an upcoming episode of the final season is something to get excited about. Nestor revealed to TMZ that he will be responsible for directing Rihanna on set. The singer will be portraying Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “Psycho” character Marion Crane, who is most remembered for the film’s bloody shower scene.

“We’re really excited. She’s coming soon,” Nestor says of Rihanna. “I am going to get to direct her, which I’m really looking forward to.” While he hasn’t gotten his hands on the script for Rihanna’s episode yet, Nestor is positive that it will become something great. “She’s an extraordinary talent,” he says.

Check out Nestor’s brief chat with TMZ below.

Are you looking forward to Rihanna’s episode of “Bates Motel?”

(Photo credit: Rihanna Instagram account)

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