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Even Meghan Trainor Was Shocked To Have An Audience At Jazz Fest

Meghan Trainor Shocked To Have An Audience At Jazz FestMeghan Trainor performed at the 2017 New Orleans Jazz Fest, but her headlining set on Saturday was in direct competition with a big ticket name. “If no one told you, Stevie Wonder is playing right now,” she reminded the crowd. “So, I don’t know what you’re doing here, but thank you.” Surprised to have any audience at all, Meghan performed her biggest hits and brought her family along for the ride.

She gave both of her parents time to shine throughout her set, with her dad coming out for a dance during “Dance Like Yo Daddy.” Unsurprisingly, Meghan’s brother had his own dedication as she sang “Champagne Problems.”

Outside of her family, Meghan made sure to bring attention to special people in her life. A cake was brought out on stage and Meghan led the crowd in “Happy Birthday” in honor of her close friend. “Hopeless Romantic” was later performed with boyfriend Daryl Sebara in mind.

Check out a few videos from Meghan’s Jazz Fest performance below.

(Photo credits: Camilla_33 and infomeghanbr Twitter accounts)

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