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Hard At Work Or Hardly Working? Selena Gomez Makes Out With Her Co-Star On Set

Hard At Work Selena Gomez Makes Out With Her Co-Star On SetSelena Gomez got all wet on the set of her new movie earlier this week. The Woody Allen picture has had the singer roaming the streets of New York for days for her ambitious role as a celebrity. When she’s not busy handling the throngs of fans showing up at the shoot, she’s making out with her co-star Timothée Chalamet for the cameras.

Footage and pics of the two swapping spit for the screen surfaced on Thursday. In the shots, the duo is in a BMW convertible, looking like they’re driving into the sunset if not directly into the sun. Surely, the make-out session was strictly professional. But Selena was allegedly caught talking to her boyfriend, The Weeknd, on Facetime the same day.

Maybe she just needed to be reminded of the guy she kisses for free.

Check out pics and video of Selena with Timothée and checking in with The Weeknd below.

(Photo credits: Selena Gomez and Timothée Chalamet Instagram accounts)

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New York Girl Lady Gaga Is So Hollywood Now

New York Girl Lady Gaga Is So Hollywood Now featureNew York seems to have lost one of its prized possessions to Los Angeles. Lady Gaga, who made her name in the Big Apple, really only goes back to visit her family or do charity work these days. Maybe that’s because she’s loving life in her new hometown, the City of Angels. Just how Hollywood is Gaga now? Her latest Instagram post explains.

Between two packed “Joanne World Tour” shows at the Form, Gaga was apparently finishing up some shooting for the “A Star Is Born” re-make she’s in. “Thats #Showbiz baby,” Gaga wrote in a caption on a pic from her hectic 24 hours.

The L.A. crowd seems to have welcomed Gaga with open arms, though. “Gaga was in full superstar form. She defied gravity in sky-high heels while standing on parts of the stage at 45-degree angles, hit even higher notes as flames whipped up alongside her,” a reviewer of her “Joanne” show wrote in Variety.

Check out Gaga’s posts about her Hollywood lifestyle below.

(Photo credit: Lady Gaga Instagram account)

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