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12 Celebrity Splits That Rocked 2016

The Celebrity Breakups That Rocked 2016With all events considered, it might seem like a miracle to have made it out of 2016 alive. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for some of your favorite celebrity relationships. This year resulted in a massive amount of breakups that ranged from scandalous to downright unexpected. A few splits could be seen from a mile away while others left fans feeling hopeless.

Grab some popcorn, or a box of tissues, and let the rocky trip down celebrity breakup lane begin.

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Nick Young Wishes Marriage On Iggy Azalea And French Montana

Nick Young Wishes Marriage For Iggy Azalea And French MontanaAlthough Iggy Azalea’s involvement with French Montana hasn’t been confirmed as anything more than professional, a surprisingly huge stamp of approval has been given. TMZ caught up with Nick Young to ask his thoughts on Iggy’s rumored fling. Despite a rocky end to their engagement, Nick seems to “ship” his ex-fiancée’s thing with French.

“No, man, I’m happy. It clears my mind,” Nick says when asked if it hurts to see Iggy with French. “I wish they get married.”

Nick not only wishes the best for Iggy and French, but he also manages to promote French’s career. The reporter asks Nick what he’d do if he ran into French and Nick says that he’d “probably buy his album.” He then tells the reporter to do the same.

Watch Nick’s interview below.

Do his words surprise you?

(Photo credits: Nick Young, Iggy Azalea and French Montana Instagram accounts)

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