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Could Ed Sheeran Really Be Dating Nicole Scherzinger?

Nicole Scherzinger and Ed SheeranWe saw the post to former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger’s Instagram four weeks ago of her hanging out with Ed Sheeran and figured that almost everyone hangs out with Ed, so no big deal. They were seen hanging out last year, as well, after a series of concerts where they shared the same bill on a British mini-tour.

Neither singer is saying anything at the moment. But some reasonably reliable sources are reporting that, in the wake of her split from race car driver Lewis Hamilton, Nicole has been quietly seeing Ed for several weeks.

Could “Edzinger” really be happening?

Now, at 37, Nicole is certainly a lot older than Ed, who is only 24. But she is also a lot hotter, so he really could do much worse. On the other hand, after her bad break up with her race car champion ex, she could use a good friend. And if Ed’s reputation is true, he’s a very good friend.

Do you think that this ‘couple’ could possibly be true? And if so, do you think that a May / November celeb match like this could ever work?

(Photo credit: Nicole Scherzinger Instagram account)