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Someone Set Up A Wikipedia Page For Louis Tomlinson’s New Album And It Is Utter Nonsense

Someone Set Up A Wikipedia Page For Louis Tomlinson's New Album And It Is Utter Nonsense featureLike much of One Direction, Louis Tomlinson is gearing up for his solo album debut. Following up on his first singles as a solo artist, “Just Hold On” and “Back To You,” Louis hasn’t said much about his upcoming release with Epic. Apparently, someone decided to take matters into their own hands.

A Wikipedia page for a Louis album called “No More Arrests” has surfaced online. The page is already flagged as a likely fabrication by the online encyclopedia site, and with good reason. Some of the claims about who’s featured on the album, what language Louis sings on it and which former member of One Direction has a twin brother are a little outlandish.

Every past and present member of One Direction has a feature on the album. Liam Payne is apparently set to appear on two tracks, including a “One Direction version” of a song that also features Niall Horan and Harry Styles. While it’s not clear which song he’s on, the Wiki article also claims Zayn Malik is on a track along with his twin brother, Maluma.

Other famous featured artists allegedly include Steve Aoki, Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei and John Lennon, the member of the Beatles who was assassinated in 1980.  Of the 16 tracks listed on the album, seven of the titles are in Spanish. Maybe Louis and his team are really eager to cash in on some “Despacito” vibes. They’re certainly pulling out all the stops, as one track as seven featured artists on it. It’s all enough for Wikipedia to start side eyeing the page.

Anyone can defend the article now, and whoever put it together can make their case for keeping it online. But it doesn’t look like this article is going to hold on for very long.

See an archived version of the page below and see if it’s still online here.

(Photo credit: Phil Sharp Instagram account)

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