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Trace Cyrus On Ex-Fiance Brenda Song ‘Brenda Song Is A Pathological Liar. She Lied To Me About Horrible Things’

fakefake-2Trace Cyrus revisits the Brenda Song supposedly lying about her miscarriage storyline. Staff at Brothers Bar & Grill in Newport refused to let Trace inside because he has too many tattoos:

‘Been all around the world and never had anyone deny me getting into anywhere because of my tattoos. It actually upset me because I’m from Kentucky and to see an establishment like this really shocked me.. Call them and tell the manager he is a scumbag.’

Noah Cyrus added: ‘A restaurant in Kentucky wouldn’t let my brother in because he has tattoos. That is so messed up and it really p**ses me off that it’s even legal to do such a thing. The way I see it is he is completely made of art and if they knew him on the inside then they would know thats the truth (sic).

I love my brother and it brings me to tears to know someone would do that to him or anyone for that matter. So sad. I love you tracey and you’ve got a team supporting you. You people make me sick @brothersnewport.. Turning my brother away because of some tattoos really makes me sick you should get shut down. Everyone go tell @brothersnewport off.’
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Noah Cyrus Dyes Her Hair Grey!

noah-grey (1)noah-grey (2)Noah Lindsey Cyrus has dyed her hair color to beautiful grey.

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