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Heads Up, Mac Miller! Someone In Australia Really Loves Ariana Grande

Head Up, Mac Miller! Someone In Australia Really Loves Ariana Grande featureAriana Grande has still got it–or maybe she found it somewhere along the way. Her “Dangerous Woman Tour” kicked off in February to rocky reviews from American critics. After the Manchester arena bombing, it looked like Ari might call it quits, but she’s marched on with her stadium show through sympathetic Europe, stylish South America and harshly critical Asia.

That perseverance might’ve paid off thanks to a glowing new review of her set from Australia. Writing for Noisey, critic Richard S. He shared a glowing review of the “Dangerous Woman Tour,” complete with rhapsodic waxing about what Ariana means to the world’s culture at large.

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Louis Tomlinson On The Entertainment Industry: “You Can Get Swallowed Up In The Glitz And The Glam Of It All”

Louis Tomlinson Talks Musical Roots, Crazy One Direction Nights And The Girl Band He's Starting featureLouis Tomlinson sat down for another in-depth interview about his life before, during and after One Direction. This one wasn’t quite as depressing as his previous Q&As, but he did pour on the blue collar charms in the new piece from Noisey. The airport warrior had a lot to say about his childhood, his time in 1D and what he’s up to now–even if the interviewer had to coax it out of him.

“I was never what you’d call ‘book smart’,” he said says smoking one of several menthol cigarettes he lit up during the interview. “What used to piss my mum off is that I could have been. I was that classic one from school who everyone said wasn’t going to reach their full potential because they lark about too much.”

Louis discussed starting out in music with a Green Day tribute band and claimed he auditioned for “The X Factor” to spite his bandmates when they replaced him with a new singer. Despite his success on the world stage, he said he still places a lot of value in what people from his hometown think. He even seeks out their opinions on his latest work to ground himself and to escape the fake niceties of his California life.

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