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Muslim Model Noor Tagouri Is Not Okay With Gigi Hadid Being The Face Of Muslim Acceptance

Gigi Hadid the face of Muslim acceptancePlayboy model Noor Tagouri is taking issue with Tommy Hilfiger’s claim that Gigi Hadid could help bridge the gap between Americans and Muslims. The model, who was the first model to be fully clothed in the historically nude magazine sent a video into TMZ expressing how she felt about Gigi possibly becoming the face of Muslim acceptance.

“To see this as a bridge between the Muslim community or the Muslim world and for her to be a representative isn’t fair because she isn’t, I don’t know what she claims to be religiously, but she isn’t a practicing Muslim,” Noor said.

Last week, Gigi received tons of backlash after being featured on the first cover for Vogue Arabia wearing a bedazzled Hijab. The model was accused of cultural appropriation despite her religious practices not being widely-known. Noor isn’t completely against Gigi, though, and even offered to sit down one-on-one with the model to discuss the struggles they both have gone through given their backgrounds.

Watch Noor’s full video below.

Does Noor have a point about Gigi helping the community?

(Photo credit: Gigi Hadid Instagram account)

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