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Watch Billie Eilish’s Epic Meet-Up With Justin Bieber During Ariana Grande’s Set at Coachella

Billie Eilish Justin Bieber CoachellaBillie Eilish has been very open in interviews about just how much she idolized Justin Bieber as a tween and early teenager. She has even mentioned how nervous she would be about meeting him in real life, given just how intense her earlier fan relationship was of the “Sorry” singer.

Then, after Justin recently followed Billie on social media, a meet-up was all but inevitable.

Well, as it turned out, that meet-up happened last night right in the middle of Continue Reading →

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“Arichella” or Not? Ariana Grande Attempts to Leave her Mark on the 2019 Coachella Festival with Ambitious Set

Ariana Grande Coachella 2When getting ready to headline Coachella last night, Ariana Grande prepared to try to make her set the most memorable of this year’s festival. Just a night after some argued that Billie Eilish’s iconic performance may have made this year’s event into “Billiechella,” Ariana’s big voice, elaborate main-stage floor show and list of well-known guest performers attempted to take back the buzz and stamp the event as her own.

So did Ariana succeed in making Coachella 2019 into “Arichella,” as many Arianators argued on social media (even when they had not seen her performance)? Well, maybe. But issues during Ariana’s set made many feel that the total experience wasn’t everything that it could have been.

Only the fourth woman ever to headline Coachella, Ariana performed Continue Reading →

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Demi Lovato Joins Fall Out Boy To Reinvent An NSYNC Classic

Demi Lovato And Fall Out Boy Join Forces For Irresistible, Parodies NSYNC Music VideoYesterday, Fall Out Boy released the music video for “Irresistible,” featuring Demi Lovato. The video acts as a parody to NSYNC’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” video, using the concept of live-action dolls and puppets. It also features former NSYNC members Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick.

Check out Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato’s new video and the video for “It’s Gonna Be Me” below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Adele’s “25” Might Say “Bye Bye Bye” To NSYNC’s US Sales Record

25 To Break U.S. Sale's Records For The First Time Since 2000According to Billboard, Adele could be on the verge of making history with the release of “25” tomorrow. Columbia Records will reportedly “ship 3.6 million physical copies” of the album to the US. The most recent album to have come close to the number was NSYNC’s “No Strings Attached” in 2000. That album sold 2.415 million units 15 years ago, and shipped 4.2 million units.

Billboard goes on to report that Sony Music expects 1.5 million physical sales during the first week of “25,” and Apple projects 900,000 digital sales. Over 500,000 estimated iTunes and Amazon pre-orders will have an impact on the final numbers, especially since that’s not something that was in play in 2000. If she hits the projections, Adele will claim the title of Nielsen SoundScan’s “largest-selling album in a week.”

“25” will be released this Friday, November 20th.

What do you think about Adele’s chances of beating NSYNC’s record?

(Photo credit: POPSUGAR Twitter account)