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Emblem3 ‘We’d Get Naked If Girl Group!’

An OCEANUP Interview with Emblem3! Keaton Stromberg admitted that if they wokeup and were an all girls group, they ‘would get naked.’ Other hilarious questions from ‘What is the craziest request during a M&G? Did they set any boundaries or ground rules while on tour? (No hitting on Selena?) Which one of you would win if you were all in the Hunger Games? What do you REALLY do on tour? Second Album plans? Boxers or Briefs?’ They also reveal what their secret recipe is for SPAGHETTI!

Checkout their new single ‘3000 Miles’ & Album ‘Nothing To Lose’ available on iTunes HERE. Follow @Emblem3 at: @WesleyStromberg @KeatonStromberg @DrewChadwickE3

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