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Does Taylor Swift’s “Look-A-Like” Really Look Like Her?

Taylor Swfit Meets Look a like FanDuring Taylor Swift’s show in Melbourne, the singer met a superfan who looks somewhat like her. 19 year-old Olivia Strugiss has made a name for herself on Instagram because of how she resembles the “Bad Blood” singer.

According to NME, the teenager is often stopped on the street because of how closely she resembles Taylor. Olivia finally met her idol in real life at the concert, where they posed for the picture above.

“I got my hair cut consciously like hers but everything else is just sort of coincidental,” she told Daily Mail Australia. She also said that she doesn’t consciously choose to dress like Taylor, but that they happen to have the same style. Olivia cited their similar “facial structures” for the resemblance.

However, looking at some older pics from Olivia’s Instagram, it’s kind of hard to see how she would’ve been mistaken for Taylor before cosmetic and wardrobe alterations.

Either way, Olivia is using the recognition for good after losing her mother to uterine cancer earlier this year. On Instagram, she wrote “I’m on the Cosmo, Daily Mail, People Magazine websites and it just keeps coming! I’m so glad I can raise awareness for Uterine and Endometrial Cancers on such a large scale because it’s hardly talked about and I’m just so damn happy!”

Check out some pics of Olivia when she’s not in Taylor-mode below and let us know if you still see the resemblance.

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