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“Orphan Black” Star Jordan Gavaris Doesn’t Understand Why Anyone Would Hire Bella Thorne

Orphan Black Star Jordan Gavaris Doesn't Understand Why Anyone Would Hire Bella Thorne featureBella Thorne is the target of some new criticism from “Orphan Black” star Jordan Gavarais. The Canadian actor came out as gay in a recent interview with Vulture, and he had a lot to say about identity politics in Hollywood. He had some strong words for YouTube stars and social media mavens. Addressing the struggles the movie and TV industries are facing, he lambasted the use of follower counts to determine who gets a part.

“I mean, movies are the worst, because the movie business is failing terribly and they think they have some amazing model that’s going to fix it all, and it all involves hiring a girl with 2 million Instagram followers,” he said. “Hasn’t worked yet. And then in television it’s the same thing. Parts are offered to these YouTube sensations.”

“So you have these people in positions of power with all this capital, handing it over to somebody who has no experience running their own show, no experience writing in long-form narratives, and giving him a television show because their YouTube video got 8 million hits,” he said while talking about a YouTube star who got $13 million for a problematic series.

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