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Gigi Hadid Tears Her Pants During Milan Fashion Week

It's A Cover-Up Gigi Hadid Tears Her Pants During Milan Fashion Week featureGigi Hadid has been in fashion week mode for almost a month now. With New York and London in her rearview, Gigi is in Italy for Milan Fashion Week and it seems like her stamina is running low. But the model proved she’s much more than a bad runway walk on Thursday when she had to do some emergency surgery on her own pants.

Gigi was on her way to the Fendi show in Milan in what might be the loudest out that’s ever existed. Her pink plaid pantsuit might not be easy on the eyes, but looking at it is still easier than stitching up a hole in the crotch on a drive through Milan. But that’s exactly what Gigi had to do.

See the tear in Gigi’s pink plaid pants below, plus check out some pics of her arriving at the Fendi show with Bella Hadid–whose outfit might be even louder.

(Photo credits: Gigi Hadid Instagram account)

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