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Super Busy Nick Jonas Found Time To Help His Father Beat Cancer

Nick Jonas Reveals Papa Jonas Has Kicked Cancer featureNick Jonas recently sat down with iHeartRadio for a lengthy interview about the labels people throw at him and how he tries to break them. He opened up about his “creative process” of eating and drinking too much. Nick discussed his eagerness to travel the world amidst his busy schedule of music, movies, and TV.

Nick also opened up about a more personal side of his life: his father’s recent battle with cancer. He revealed that Kevin Jonas, Sr. has been through his treatment and has come out the other side victorious.

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Kevin Jonas, Sr. Opens Up About His Cancer Diagnosis And The Jonas Brothers Rallying Around Him

Kevin Jonas Sr. Opens Up About His Cancer Diagnosis And The Jonas Brothers Rallying Around Him featureIn a new interview with local North Carolina news, Kevin Jonas, Sr. opened up about his cancer diagnosis. The Jonas family patriarch explained how his famous sons have supported him through the frightening time from diagnosis to surgery.

“They cancelled their schedule, moved important things,” Kevin said, sharing how Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas, Jr., reacted when he shared the news of his colon cancer. Known affectionally as Papa Jonas, Kevin, Sr. shared how the Jo Bros came together for him.

“They stayed with us, had the last meal before the surgery,” he explained. “They walked me into Sloan-Kettering, which created a little bit of a stir,” he said, referring to the New York-based cancer clinic at which he was treated.

Papa Jonas still has chemotherapy treatments ahead of him. Even as Nick is preparing to drop new music and Joe works to repair Sophie Turner’s public image, it’s obvious the boys will drop everything at a moment’s notice to be with their dad.

Watch Kevin’s interview alongside his wife Denise Jonas below.

(Photo credit: Kevin Jonas, Sr. Instagram account)

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