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Justin Bieber Is Ready To Call The Ghostbusters On Paparazzi Asking About Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber Is Ready To Call The Ghostbusters On The Paparazzi Asking About Selena Gomez featureJustin Bieber still isn’t ready to talk about his reunion with Selena Gomez. The singer was spotted by paparazzi again in Los Angeles, where he ignored questions about the ex-girlfriend he’s spending all his time with. While he’s been prone to lecture annoying shutterbugs in he past, Justin’s new tactic is to simply drown out the noise.

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When He’s Not Running Them Over, Justin Bieber Knows What Paparazzi Like

When He's Not Running Them Over, Justin Bieber Knows What The Paparazzi Like featureJustin Bieber actually doesn’t mind giving people what they want. The singer proved as much in a new video released by Hollywood Fix. In it, a shirtless Justin is still wearing the merch from his cancelled tour while hanging out with someone who looks like one of his Hillsong buddies. The video shows Justin asking for directions to a bank before hopping in a car and driving away.

Later on, the photographer was following Justin, who apparently decided he’d already given her what she needed. Justin hopped out of the car at a traffic light, and walked back to her driver’s side window, where he asked her to leave him alone for the day.

“You got some great shots of me with my shirt off,” Justin told the photographer. “I’m going to go and relax and get in the hot tub.” After she promises to leave him alone, Justin makes sure no one else is tailing him before trotting back up to the passenger side of his ride.

Justin has long struggled to set boundaries with fans. The same is true of paparazzi, who love a shot of Justin topless. But it’s no surprise he’s trying to be civil about getting some space from the eagle-eyed L.A. crowd after running over a photographer with a giant truck.

Check out the video of Justin having some words with the pap below.

(Photo credit: Hollywood Fix YouTube account)

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