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Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” Music Video Combines Quasi-Celebrities With Unnecessary Product Placement

Demi Lovato Drops Sorry Not Sorry videoDemi Lovato has finally released her “Sorry Not Sorry” music video after excessive teasing. Featuring cameos by Paris Hilton, Wiz Khalifa and Jamie Foxx, Demi threw her biggest house party yet. Surprisingly, her biggest cheerleader, Nick Jonas, did not RSVP to it.

From JBL to Lyft, it seems like all of Demi’s endorsement deals made an appearances as she partied beside some of her closest friends. House parties have been the promotional theme for Demi and her single, but we doubt her party with Billy Ray Cyrus included all of these random make-outs.

Watch Demi’s “Sorry Not Sorry” video below.

(Photo credit: Vevo)

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Demi Lovato Is Hard At Work On Her Next Single With Some Help From Paris Hilton And Jamie Foxx

Demi Lovato Is Hard At Work On Her Next Single With Some Help From Paris Hilton And Jamie Foxx featureDemi Lovato just dropped a song that looked like it was getting a music video treatment. But new videos make it seem like the all-pink aesthetic Demi was showing off in some selfies from on-set is actually for her next single, not her last one. That’s because more videos are coming out of another shoot for the video in progress, and some clues are lining up with Demi’s latest Instagram teasers.

Demi shared three images with the letters “SNS” via Instagram on Thursday. Around the same time, Dave Osokow, a friend of hers, shared videos on his Instagram story from the shoot. One in particular explained what Demi’s acronym means: “Sorry Not Sorry,” the probable name of the new single.

Dave also showed off some of the high-profile guest stars attending a giant party where the shoot was going down. Jamie Foxx and Paris Hilton were among the celebs who were there to apologize for not apologizing. Paris shared a video to her Snapchat in which it sounds like the new song can be heard in the background.

Big names like Paris and Jamie weren’t alone, though. Tons of models and dancers shared videos from the set.

See how “Sorry Not Sorry” is coming together in the videos below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Lindsay Lohan’s Birthday Wish? To Reunite With Her Old Pals Paris Hilton And Britney Spears And Party With Beyoncé

Lindsay Lohan's Birthday Wish To Reunite With Her Old Pals Paris Hilton And Britney Spears And Party With Beyonce feature bLindsay Lohan couldn’t wait to blow out her candles this year. Instead of holding on to her wish for her cake, Lindsay tweeted out what she really wants for her birthday on July 2: her old friends Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to come party with her in Mykonos, an island in between Turkey and Greece.

The trio of Lindsay, Paris and Britney was a paparazzi’s delight ten years ago. In the mid aughts, the three it girls were often seen out and about in some combination. And they were rarely making good choices. But Lindsay is eager to prove she’s cleaned up her act, and apparently that means partying with the same people she partied with a decade ago.

Paris and Britney weren’t the only people to get invites via Lindsay’s tweet, though. She also tagged Beyoncé in the post, making it clear that she was invited to the Mediterranean party, too–as long as she can find a babysitter.

See Lindsay’s tweet below.

Would you party with this crew?

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Instagram account)

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Katy Perry Celebrates Upcoming Flop Album With Paris Hilton And More Gal Pals

paris and katyKaty Perry’s announcement of her new “Witness” album sent her straight into a celebration at Paris Hilton’s house with some of her best girlfriends. Iggy Azalea, Sophia Richie, Bella Thorne and Chiara Ferragni all helped Katy celebrate in Paris’ indoor club. Several pictures and videos were shared via Paris’ Instagram account.

One video in particular featured Katy stroking a picture of Paris that was made out of more pictures of herself. It’s as creepy as it sounds.

Check out the photos and video below.

(Photo credit: Paris Hilton Instagram account)

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Déjà Vu? Kendall Jenner Wears Dress Almost Identical To Paris Hilton’s 21st Birthday Look

Kendall Jenner rocks Paris Hilton dress-1Kendall Jenner gave everyone a bit of déjà vu with her 21st birthday look on Wednesday night. In fact, it was a look that was seen 14 years ago. The model wore two different outfits for her birthday celebration, but it was her Swarovski crystal-covered dress that reminded everyone of Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday look back in 2002.

The similar looks were no coincidence either. According to Kendall’s Instagram account, the party dress was an homage to Paris’ 2002 look. “Vintage Paris Hilton vibes. 21 21,” she captioned a side-by-side on Instagram

See the two dresses below.

Who do you think wore it better?

(Photo credits: Kendall Jenner Instagram account; hattie4300 Twitter account)

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