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Bella Thorne And Perez Hilton Get Into A Twitter Smackdown Over A Picture

Bella Thorne gets into Twitter fight with Perez Hilton-1Bella Thorne had the time to come for Perez Hilton on Wednesday night after the blogger shared a photo and caption that she felt was disrespectful. “Fill in the blank! @BellaThorne __________,” Perez wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday which sparked Bella’s fan to go into defense mode claiming Perez was trying to body shame the actress.

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Did Lauren Jauregui Steal Ty Dolla $Ign Away From His Girlfriend?

Lauren Jauregui Got Her Claws Into Ty Dolla SIgn, Stole Him From His GirlfriendTy Dolla $ign gets along well with the members of Fifth Harmony. His smash hit collaboration with the group, “Work From Home,” started a great professional relationship. But is Ty doing more than working with one of the group’s remaining members?

The Internet is on fire with rumors that Ty is dating Lauren Jauregui. The duo has been spotted out bowling for Ty’s birthday and, more recently, at Coachella together.

Perez Hilton has been dumping gasoline on the flames with his claims that Ty’s girlfriend Alycia Bella tweeted and deleted something about a performer in the girl group. The deleted tweet says that Alycia got cheated on by Ty with “a 5th harmony member.” Perez even seems to have receipts. While it’s not hard to fake a screenshot, Perez has a reply tweet from Alycia admonishing him for “talking about somebody else’s business.”

If what Perez says is true, it means Ty and Lauren got together while he was still with Alycia. Sounds like Normani Kordei was right when she said Lauren is the Maleficent of the group.

Neither Ty nor Lauren has directly addressed the controversy, but the duo does have at least one thing in common. Ty tweeted that he’s celebrating 4/20 on Thursday, and Lauren has been known to keep a little weed on her.

Check out all of the tweets below, plus see Lauren and Ty hanging out at his birthday party and Coachella.

Do you think Lauren really stole Ty?

(Photo credits: Lauren Jauregui And Ty Dolla $ign Instagram accounts)

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2016: The Year Demi Lovato’s Foot Remained Firmly Inserted Into Her Mouth

Demi Lovato twitter fights ranked2016 will most likely go down in history as one of the shittiest years ever. From political chaos to unending celebrity drama, it seemed as if this year couldn’t get much worse—enter Demi Lovato. Throughout the year, the Grammy-nominated singer developed a habit of taking to social media to call people out. No one was safe from Demi’s wrath, including Taylor Swift, Perez Hilton and Mariah Carey. Here are Demi’s biggest feuds from 2016.

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Lily Aldridge Defends Taylor Swift’s Squad

lily aldridge defends taylor swift's squadDemi Lovato wasn’t the first celeb to attack Taylor Swift’s squad, and she won’t be the last. Demi’s comments on Taylor and company’s feminism sparked a nasty exchange with Perez Hilton. The backlash from fans was so bad that Demi announced that she’s planning a hiatus for 2017. But the squad itself has been relatively quiet. Finally, squad member Lily Aldridge has spoken in the squad’s defense.

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