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Listen To Lorde’s New Single “Perfect Places” And See If You Can Remember It 30 Seconds Later

Listen To Lorde's New Single Perfect Places And See If You Can Remember It 30 Seconds Later featureLorde has dropped another single from her upcoming album, “Melodrama.” While her return to music with “Green Light” looked like it was gassing her up, the new track seems to be hitting the brakes. It’s another haunting pop jam about partying, but, according to Lorde, it’s also deeper than that. The singer took to the lyrics site Genius.com to explain how “profound” some of her own writing is.

“This song started coming together late summer of 2016 in New York and the news was just horrific every day and it was so hot in this sickly incorrect kind of way,” Lorde wrote. “It sort of drove me insane, I was walking around Midtown every day and felt like I was this close to ripping my clothes off or freaking out at a stranger.” She went on to explain how the new song captures her state of mind about partying.

“Another big realization of the last year for me – ‘I think I’m partying so much because I’m just dreading sitting at home by myself hearing my thoughts hit the walls,'” she shared. “Kind of what the album is about.” Lorde’s lukewarm take on partying continued from there.

She zeroed in on the line “Let’s kiss and then take off our clothes” to explain her feelings around hook-up culture “I think it feels profound here, and strange,” she said. “Cause hooking up with a ton of people you only like a little bit is fun but sad sometimes too!”

Unfortunately, the song is as forgettable as a bittersweet night of partying.

Hear Lorde’s new single below and see some posts from her on Instagram about the release. Check out the other annotations she added to the lyrics here.

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