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Fifth Harmony’s Website Hacked With Anti-ISIS Message

Fifth Harmony's Website Hacked With Anti-ISIS Message featureAnyone concerned that Lauren Jauregui’s social justice activism goes too far might have just gotten a heavy dose of perspective. Fifth Harmony’s website was apparently hacked by an anti-ISIS group and replaced with a message allegedly from the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

“#Kurdish Hacker Was Here,” the website read beneath a Kurdish flag. “#Fuck ISIS #Fuck Turkey.”

The Kurds are a Middle Eastern group fighting for autonomy, trapped between ISIS to the East and Turkey to the West. The Kurds want to create their own sovereign state, called Kurdistan, that would occupy land historically claimed by Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

The Kurds may have targeted Fifth Harmony to spread their anti-ISIS message because they seem like kindred spirits. The Kurds are famous for including female fighters in the ranks of the Peshmerga, their military forces. So maybe they’re just really into “That’s My Girl?”

Perhaps they just saw that the ladies of Fifth Harmony are susceptible to cyber attacks after getting catfished into thinking they were working with Bryson Tiller.

See what happened when Fifth Harmony’s site got hacked below.

(Photo credit: Fifth Harmony Instagram account)

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