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The Fur Is Flying: PETA Sounds Off On Rihanna

PETA Goes Off On Rihanna featureRihanna’s bold fashion choices usually earn her nothing but praise, but some outrage over a fur look at a recent Dior show has PETA trying to help her out. In a shady move, the animal rights organization sent Rihanna a letter and a faux fur coat–for next time.

“We saw the numerous comments from fans who were disappointed to see you wearing fur at the Dior event last week,” the letter began. “Like us, they wish you would please retire your furs and instead choose a look that kills but doesn’t actually kill anyone.”

“We’d like to request that you please consider donating your furs to us,” the letter continued. “Every fur item causes a tremendous amount of pain and suffering to the foxes, minks, and coyotes who are beaten, electrocuted, gassed, and often skinned alive by the fur industry—and fur production takes a toll on humans as well.”

Rihanna hasn’t reacted to the open letter. But keep an eye out for her next furry outing. Or a PETA fundraiser offering some famous furs for sale.

Read PETA’s press release with the full letter below.

(Photo credit: Rihanna Instagram account)

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Justin Bieber Thinks He Could Be PETA’s “Favorite Person In The World”

Justin Bieber Comments On PETAJustin Bieber is finally responding to PETA’s recent criticism, after he was seen interacting with a young lion cub and a chained tiger during his dad’s engagement party. Sort of.

In a now deleted Instagram video, Justin recorded himself getting ready for the day by deciding what to wear. After pulling out different clothing options and making colorful commentary about each piece, the singer had one more outfit that he could choose for the day. “I could be PETA’s favorite person in the world,” Justin joked while holding up what looks to be a fur coat.

Check out the full deleted post below.

What do you think of Justin’s PETA joke?

(Photo credit: JBCrewDotCom Twitter account)

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