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Selena Gomez Returns to New York State for Film, Friend Posts Artsy Video Clips

Selena Gomez FleischmannSelena Gomez returned to the upstate New York community of Fleischmanns, NY, near the Catskills yesterday. The pop singer presumably returned to the area to continue shooting her latest movie project, The Dead Don’t Die, which has begun filming in the area. The movie has been described as an offbeat zombie comedy movie starring a huge cast of well-known actors including Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Chloe Sevigny, Daniel Craig, Rosie Perez and even fellow Wizards of Waverley Place alumnus Austin Butler. The film was written by legendary director Jim Jarmusch.

Selena’s friend Connar Franklin posted several video clips of Selena in woods near Fleischmanns exploring nature; some text on the clips identify the pieces as having been directed by “Cons and Sel.” The short videos also seem to be dedicated to – or made as a gift for – another friend of Selena’s, the director / photographer Petra Collins.

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Selena Gomez Is Spending A Lot Of Time With Jennifer Aniston’s Ex Justin Theroux

Selena Gomez hangs out with Justin TherouxSelena Gomez’s close friendship with Jennifer Aniston may be officially over after the “Friends” star sees who she’s been hanging out with. Currently in New York for Monday night’s Met Gala, Selena spent some time with Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux as well as Justin’s rumored new girlfriend Petra Collins.

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Petra Collins Is Enabling The Hell Out Of Selena’s Gomez Freaky Side

New BFF Petra Collins Is Enabling The Hell Out Of Selena's Gomez Freaky Side featureSelena Gomez and her best friend Petra Collins sat down with Dazed for a lengthy interview about the horror movie roots of Selena’s new “Fetish” video. During the chatty Q&A with the star and her director, the friendship between the two was palpable. It looks Petra has quickly become Selena’s go-to gal pal for art, friendship and more.

“We’ve come a long way from that day on set for ‘Wonderland,'” Selena says, explaining how the creative duo met in the first place. She then underscored how close they are now: “People don’t know but my personal life ties into the work we do together because you know things about my life that nobody knows and I know a lot about your life that nobody knows. It comes out, somehow.”

Selena went on to share a story about when Petra came over to her house to discuss their work on her new music. Apparently, that was when they discovered their mutual love for horror movies, because Petra  “came over in the middle of the day and found me in my living room sitting on a big teddy bear watching ‘Chucky’ so casually.”

Oh my God!” Petra remembers. “Literally we were lying on a teddy bear watching ‘Chucky.'” Petra explained that’s how she knew she and Selena were on “the same wavelength.”

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