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Demi Lovato And Nick Jonas Attend Their Version Of An Office Holiday Party

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas attend a holiday partyDemi Lovato and Nick Jonas stepped out for a holiday party hosted by management team PhilyMack. The event, held in Beverly Hills, had Demi and Nick looking their best in formal attire. Demi stopped to pose for pictures with various guests at the party while Nick seemed to have stuck to Snapchat. At some point, an impromptu gospel performance echoed throughout the venue and caught the attention of both singers.

Check out photos and Nick’s Snapchat below.

(Photo credits: lovelilahart, iamkevinwong and jeffbeacher Instagram accounts, justcatchmedemi Twitter account)

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Joe Jonas Joins Kevin Jonas And Phil McIntyre To Celebrate Innovation And Changing Relationships

Joe Jonas Joins Kevin Jonas And Phil McIntyre To Celebrate Innovation And Changing RelationshipsJoe Jonas reunited with his brother Kevin Jonas in New York on Wednesday to celebrate an exciting new business venture with PhilyMack Productions at the Fast Company Innovation Festival. The two met up with Phil McIntyre, former Jonas Brothers manager and founder of PhilyMack, to announce PhilyMack Games. The company is responsible for DNCE and Demi Lovato’s new mobile games and will continue to push the limits of celebrity brand building.

“I’m diving in head first into something I have a passion for that wasn’t always able to be at the focus when we were doing things previously,” Kevin says of his new venture.

The short panel discussion also touched base with the brothers about their relationship dynamic after the Jonas Brothers. “I think our relationship has gotten better,” Joe says. He and Kevin seem to agree that they are actually brothers now. “We were sick of each other,” Kevin adds. “I did not want to see them anymore for months.”

Now, Kevin is able to work closely with Joe while also focusing on their separate interests. “I love being able to do something I love with the passion they have and build something fun,” Kevin says. Perhaps this means that Nick Jonas is next in line to launch a mobile game, but only time will tell.

Check out a few videos from Joe and Kevin’s discussion below.

(Photo credits: 360LiveMedia, taylaxo_ and DNCESource Twitter accounts)

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