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Pia Mia Shares Video for “Bitter Love” from the ‘After’ Motion Picture Soundtrack

Pia Mia Bitter LoveSinger Pia Mia tries to make her return to pop music airplay with “Bitter Love” her first major effort as an independent artist since ending her contract with Interscope. Luckily for Kylie Jenner’s onetime BFF, the song was picked up as the featured single from the motion picture soundtrack of After, a feature film based on Anne Todd’s novel of One Direction fan fiction in which Pia Mia also has role in the supporting cast.

The video’s launch, itself, comes with a bit of a surprise. As Pia Mia’s music video ends, fans are treated with a previously unreleased bonus scene from the movie starring Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin.

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Pia Mia Tries for a Comeback with “Bitter Love”

Pia Mia ComebackKylie Jenner’s one time BFF Pia Mia takes a shot at becoming a real independent artist — and avoid being a “one hit wonder” — with her latest single, “Bitter Love.” The song tells a story of a woman’s desperate need to get away from an obsessive, addictive love affair.

The single is part of a larger campaign by Pia to return to a little pop celebrity relevancy — the song has already been picked up as part of the soundtrack for the After, the major motion picture based on the One Direction-inspired fan fiction series by Anna Todd. Pia also reportedly also has a role as an actress in the supporting cast of the movie.  Continue Reading →

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Pia Mia Launches New Collection As First-Ever Fashion Director Of Material Girl

Pia Mia material girl release-7Songtress Pia Mia’s work with Madonna’s Material Girl fashion line is finally available. In April, the singer was announced as not only the face of the clothing company, but its first-ever fashion director as well.

The singer’s first episode of her Material Girl docu-series was also released Thursday. Titled “Cinderella,” episode one features the singer discussing her hopes of finding love in her own Cinderella story. The inaugural installment also shows what happened when she received the news about working with Material Girl.

See a few of the looks from Pia’s collection and the first episode of Pia’s documentary below.

What do you think of the looks?

(Photo credits: StyleHaul, Pia Mia and Material Girl Twitter accounts)

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Pia Mia Releases New Song Called “Justin Bieber”

Pia Mia Releases New Song "Justin Bieber"Pia Mia has solidified her status as a Belieber with a new song inspired by the “Company” singer. Pia recently released the track “Justin Bieber” to her Soundcloud.

Although Pia doesn’t name drop Justin at any point throughout the song, she may be putting herself in the shoes of a possible love interest for the pop crooner. On the seductive ballad, Pia sings: “No we don’t have to worry about playing games /‘Cause you know that we got something that don’t need a name / Long as there’s no pressure.”

This isn’t Pia’s first ode to Justin. She’s covered his music numerous times. Could this be a shameless attempt to catch Justin’s eye or is it merely a way to tap into his fan base?

Listen to the song below and decide for yourself.

(Photo credit: Pia Mia Instagram account)

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The First Day Of Coachella Brings Out The Celebs

Coachella Music Festival - Day 1Not only is Coachella one of the biggest music festivals in the US, but it is also one that draws many celebrities to its festival grounds. From Kendall Jenner to Emma Roberts, it seems every celeb has found time in their busy schedules to wear their best Bohemian outfits and be fans of the Indie scene for the weekend.

Check out some photos of a few celebs below.

What do you think of the Coachella looks this year?

(Photo credits: Premiere/Rocstar/CPR/FAMEFLYNET)

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