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Harry Styles Debuts High On The Charts, But Still Doesn’t Best Ex-Bandmate Zayn Malik

Harry Styles debuts at number 4-5Harry Styles just reached new heights on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and he did it as a solo act. The singer’s debut single, “Sign of the Times,” entered the charts at number four with Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” taking the top spot for the 12th week.

Though Harry’s solo debut was solid, Zayn still holds the title as having the best solo debut out of all the One Direction members past and present. And its Zayn’s number one that has Harry fans foaming at the mouth to defend the singer against the Zquad.
Harry Styles debuts at number 4-4

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Zayn Malik Is Now The Solo Artist He Always Wanted To Be

Zayn Malik Nme interviewAfter teasing Zayn Malik’s cover story, NME has released the full interview where the singer talks less about being ignored by One Direction and more about his upcoming solo album, “Mind of Mine.”

The “Like I Would” singer opens up about creating his debut album and working with his current producer Malay after his fall out with Naughty Boy. “With Naughty Boy, look, we just didn’t get on. And we’ll leave it at that,” he says about their Twitter feud. He then adds, “Malay is all about the music. He can tell you what the screw is in a microphone that gives it that tinny sound. He’s that kind of guy.”

Zayn wrote all the lyrics himself on the album, something he never could have done while with One Direction.  He told NME “he always knew he’d end up as a solo artist – he auditioned as one, after all – and that being in the studio is what he lives for.”

Being in a boyband catering to teenage fans also put restrictions on the type of music he could make. Once free from that mold, he kicked off his solo career with a steamy video for his first single “Pillow Talk,” featuring his current girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid.  His new album has a unique voice, with influences ranging from The Beatles to local rappers from his home town, and even music from his Pakistani heritage.

If you’re wondering how he manages to blend these different sounds together in a way that makes it all work, Zayn confesses “It helps sometimes with the creative process, if you’re smoking a good weed.”

See photos from the shoot and behind-the-scenes video below.

(Photo credit: 1D_Swiss_Team Twitter account)

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Zayn Malik Announces Release Date For Single “Pillow Talk”

Zayn Malik Pillow Talk-2The highly-anticipated debut single from Zayn Malik has an official release date. Last night, the former One Direction member posted a photo on social media letting fans know that his debut single “Pillow Talk” will be released on January 29th.

The new single comes almost a year after he left One Direction, and many months after teasing a track off of his debut album, “Befour.”

Take a look at the announcement below.

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