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Bella Thorne Can’t Keep A Man In Real Life Or In Her “Just Call” Music Video

Bella Thorne Can't Keep Her Man In Just Call Music Video featureBella Thorne’s video for her musical comeback is out now. The visual for “Just Call” features Bella looking lonely and desperate as she rolls around in bed, takes a bath and smashes a table full of memories with a guitar. It’s all to get back at her collaborator Prince Fox, who plays Bella’s cheating, partying boyfriend in the video.

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Halsey Is Just Fine Being A Biracial Woman Who Can Pass As White

Halsey for Playboy-1Halsey stripped down for the latest issue of Playboy and got personal about being a biracial singer that is “white-passing.” For the most part, Halsey hasn’t voiced many opinions about the black community due to the fact that her skin tone could affect the way she is perceived.

“I’m white-passing, I’ve accepted that about myself and have never tried to control anything about black culture that’s not mine. I’m proud to be in a biracial family, I’m proud of who I am, and I’m proud of my hair,” Halsey says.

She may be proud of her hair, but there is still one drawback to being a half-black woman, according to the singer. “I look white, but I still have white boys in my life asking me why my nipples are brown,” she says.

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Halsey Is Playboy’s “Becoming Attraction”

Halsey PlayboyHalsey released photos from her December Playboy feature yesterday. The singer also sat down with the magazine for a quick chat about her music and said, “I write about stuff that not a lot of people can always relate to.”

The singer confesses that if she could commit any crime consequence-free, she’d would rob a bank. “But not because I want the money, because I just feel like it will be exhilarating,” she says.

See more photos from the shoot below, and watch the interview below.

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(Photo credits: punkthetic, HalseyOnline, PupFresh, HalseyMusicEsp, HalseyInfoWW Twitter accounts)

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Tinashe Is Playboy’s November “Becoming Attraction”

Tinashe Poses For Playboy-6R&B singer Tinashe will be featured in Playboy’s November issue. The singer sat down to answer a few questions, revealing when she read her first Playboy and what crime she’d commit if she couldn’t get caught.

“My first encounter with Playboy. I was probably pretty young,” she says. “I feel like it’s so iconic. You definitely hear about it and a very early age.” The singer admits that if there was a chance that she wouldn’t get in trouble, she would speed. “I already do that anyways and it would be nice to not ever have to worry about tickets.”

Check out more photos from the shoot below.

(Photo credits: Karencivil and illroots Twitter accounts)