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Kylie Jenner Drops A New Camo Clothing Collection And Twitter Doesn’t Want To See It

Kylie Jenner Is Dropping A New Camo Clothing Collection And Twitter Doesn't Want To See It featureKylie Jenner is launching a new line of clothing from her personal brand on Thursday. The teenage fashionista is rolling out a collection of camo merch from the Kylie Shop featuring lighters, hats and what she’s calling “camokinis”–a.k.a., camouflage bikinis.

Kylie advertised the new products by putting her body on display in the new swimwear. She even bought another billboard to hype the launch. But as time ticks down on her latest launch, familiar allegations are springing up on Twitter as users get a first look at the camo line.

Critics are circling Kylie with more culture vulture charges. Some are pointing to Destiny’s Child’s famous camo bikinis as the style Kylie is scavenging. Others are saying Kylie is drawing inspiration from Plugged NYC, a black-owned brand that launched its own camo line in May.

That won’t stop Kylie as she goes ahead with the launch. It’s never stopped her before.

Check out Kylie’s new camo goods below, plus see some of the reactions from Twitter.

(Photo credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram account)

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