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Florida Police Set Up Shop Outside The Home Of Ariana Grande’s Mom

Florida Police Are Stationed Outside Of Ariana Grande's Mom's House featureAriana Grande returned to her native Florida shortly after the bombing at her Manchester concert. The singer has been spending time with loved ones since returning to Boca Raton, and new reports indicate that friends and family aren’t the only things surrounding Ariana. Some extra muscle has joined the security detail around her mom’s house.

TMZ reports that, in addition to the extra security Joan Grande hires whenever her daughter is in town, two police cruisers were spotted on the street outside of her home.

Apparently, that’s how the local police force is reacting to the notion that the attack might’ve been as much about Ariana as it was about hurting a large group of unsuspecting innocents. TMZ cited anonymous “law enforcement sources,” who told the news brand that the cops showed up on their own.

A couple of police cars will probably seem minor when Ariana returns to Manchester. The singer has promised a benefit concert for victims of the attack, and security is sure to be heavy.

(Photo credit: Ariana Grande VEVO YouTube account)

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