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What’s She Smoking? Bella Thorne Wants Know Which Kind Of Weed You Prefer

What's She Smoking Bella Thorne Wants Know Which Kind Of Weed You Prefer featureBella Thorne loves to have a good time. The party animal has been trading “kandi” at raves lately as she keeps dropping songs to make it clear she’s not the kind of girl you should mess with. Apparently, when she’s not trading barbs with Perez Hilton for slut-shaming her, Bella is busy with her newest job: marijuana nurse.

It’s hard to tell if Bella is just overeager for Halloween or if she’s a futuristic, weed-dealing vixen in a new pic on her Twitter that sparks all kinds of questions. But before Bella has a chance to answer inquiries about what she’s wearing or how high she might be, she has a question of her own for her Twitter follower: indica or sativa?

Indica strains of marijuana are famous for bringing people’s energy levels down. Their sedative effects are great for an afternoon on the couch or right before bed. Bella seems like more of a sativa girl, given the uplifting, creative and socially engaging nature of the high.

Check out Bella’s pic below to see exactly what kind of pot smoker she is.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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