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The Fur Flies As Vanessa Hudgens Embarks On A Day Of Press For “Powerless”

Celebrities At 'The Today Show'Vanessa Hudgens hit the streets of New York Monday morning for a jam-packed day of press for her upcoming show, “Powerless.” The actress began her busy day with an interview on “TODAY” and eventually made her way to the Sirius XM studios for a radio interview. Vanessa kept warm with a glamorous white faux-fur coat and stuck to a creamy color scheme with an ankle-length skirt and white sweater. She was greeted at both interview locations by eager fans and she stopped to sign a few autographs.

Check out photos as well as Vanessa’s interview on “TODAY” below.


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Vanessa Hudgens Cruises Down Memory Lane On The Set Of “Grease: Live”

Vanessa Hudgens Cruises Down Memory Lane On The Set Of Grease Live! featureVanessa Hudgens might not seem like the sentimental type, but don’t be fooled. The actress has a nostalgic streak and she put it on display in a video from a recent shoot for her NBC show, “Powerless.” The day’s work took her back to the set of “Grease: Live,” which Vanessa appeared in early in 2016. Vanessa’s memories got the best of her as she took the chance to sing one of the songs from the musical.

Looking into what might’ve been her locker when she played Rizzo for the musical revival, Vanessa broke out into “There Are Worse Things (I Could Do),” a song featuring Rizzo in the musical.

Vanessa’s been leaning into a bit of a bad girl image lately. Between giving a shoutout to p*ssy and having a laugh at Ashley Tisdale’s expense, Vanessa’s finding a little bit of an edge. But all it takes is a day on set to make her into a softie.

Watch Vanessa reminisce about her time with “Grease: Live” below.

(Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens Twitter account)

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Vanessa Hudgens Looks Anything But “Powerless” At NBCUniversal Press Tour

Vanessa Hudgens at The NBCUniversal Day Winter Press Tour in PasadenaVanessa Hudgens showed up to Wednesday’s NBCUniversal Winter Press Tour looking like she was back on the set of “Grease: Live.” She exuded edginess with a black off-the-shoulder blouse paired with black leather pants. Vanessa’s look blended in with the spandex-clad superhero premise of NBC comedy “Powerless,” which she promoted at the event. A day of press also resulted in a new trailer for the upcoming series that brings together the beloved workplace comedy and America’s obsession with superheroes.

Take a peek at photos from the press event as well as the trailer below.

“Powerless” debuts February 2 at 8:30PM ET on NBC.

(Photo credits: Powerless Twitter account; Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)

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Vanessa Hudgens’ Show “Powerless” Hasn’t Been Axed After All

Vanessa Hudgens new show powerless promoYou may not have heard many details about Vanessa Hudgen’s upcoming NBC series, but rumors circulated that it had been canceled before airing. The rumors are not true. As a matter of fact, Vanessa’s upcoming superhero show “Powerless,” which was picked up in May of last year, will be premiering on February 2.

Unlike every other superhero show that is currently on television, Vanessa’s character doesn’t have any super powers and works for Bruce Wayne’s cousin. This marks her first role since “Grease: Live.” Hopefully, viewers will be able to see the full season before NBC calls it quits.

Watch promo for Vanessa’s latest series below.

(Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens Instagram account)

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Vanessa Hudgens Is Ready For The Next “High School Musical”

Vanessa Hudgens at nbc upfronts-5Vanessa Hudgens is set to be star in the new NBC series “Powerless,” but she can’t seem to kick her musical theatre roots. When asked about her former Disney days, the actress says it has become natural for her to think musically. “Sometimes someone will be like ‘we’re all in this together’ and I’m like ‘we’re all in this together,'” Vanessa sang at yesterday’s NBC Upfront. “It’s just like reflexes.”

On the topic of “High School Musical,” Vanessa says she fully supports the idea to continue the musical franchise. “Being able to do musicals is such a dream of mine and the fact that they’re keeping that alive and bringing that to a new generation is really wonderful,” the actress said.

See photos of Vanessa from the event and watch the full interview below.

(Photo credit: VAnews Twitter account, Girlie/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)

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