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Lady Gaga And Prince William Get Face To Face To Discuss Mental Health

Lady Gaga and Prince William meet up on FaceTimeLady Gaga and Prince William have joined forces via FaceTime to help raise awareness about mental health with Prince William’s Heads Together campaign. The singer has been very open about her own mental health issues and dealing with PTSD and Prince William’s brother Prince Harry has recently started talking about how he coped with his mother’s death.

“There’s a lot of shame attached to mental illness. You feel like something it’s wrong with you,” Lady Gaga says in the video released early Tuesday morning. “Even though it was hard, the best thing that could come out of my mental illness was to share it with other people and let our generation as well as other generations know that if you are feeling not well in your mind, you are not alone.”

“Just having a conversation with a friend or family member can make such a difference,” Prince William adds. The prince requested the singer’s help in his initiative to raise awareness after reading the letter she wrote about her sexual assault at the age of 19.

Watch Lady Gaga and Prince William’s full #okaytosay video chat below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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