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Rihanna Channels Queen Elizabeth On Instagram And The UK Is Not Here For It

Rihanna tops Elvis on the charts-2Rihanna is a queen and game recognizes game. The singer wanted to honor Queen Elizabeth for her 91st birthday, which was Friday. To do so, she shared several Photoshopped photos that merged the Queen of England with Rihanna’s signature style.

Doctoring the Queen’s head onto Rihanna’s body in some of the singer’s most iconic looks set off a firestorm. British people took to her Instagram posts to make it clear that they found the edits unacceptable. Outraged that Rihanna would deface the queen’s image, users flooded Rihanna’s comments with hate. Rihanna addressed the critics in the finale post, which she captioned, “it’s not that deep.”

She has a working relationship with the family–she and Prince Harry teamed up for charity. Hopefully, Harry isn’t upset about Rihanna’s tribute.

See Rihanna’s Queen Elizabeth tributes below and read some of the best comments on each.

(Photo credit: Rihanna Instagram account)

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