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Louis Tomlinson Says He And Zayn Malik Have “Cleared The Air” After His Mom’s Dying Wish

Louis Tomlinson Says He And Zayn Malik Have Cleared The Air Due To His Mom's Dying Wish featureAt the tail end of 2016, the death of Louis Tomlinson’s mom brought One Direction back together. Despite their perpetual hiatus, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Liam Payne all showed up for Louis in his moment of tragedy. So did former member Zayn Malik.

Now, Louis is saying he and Zayn have fulfilled one of his mother’s final wishes for him: to reconcile after their falling out following Zayn’s departure from 1D. Louis chatted with Andy Cohen on his radio show when Andy asked him about the friendship’s current status.

“We got back in touch with each other and kind of cleared the air and talked everything through. So, we’re mates again, I suppose,” Louis said noncommittally. When Andy pressed him on what “I suppose” meant, Louis said, “Anything like that, it takes time. But it was nice we had an opportunity to clear the air and be adults about it, I suppose.”

Check out clips from Louis’ interview with Andy below.

(Photo credits: Radio Andy YouTube account and Zayn Malik Instagram account)

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