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Cole Whittle Gets Into Harvard While Remaining The Trash King Of New York

Cole Whittle Remains The Trash King Of New York As He Gets Into Harvard FEATURECole Whittle loves a good photo op. Whether he’s cozying up with a baby or serving a look for Vogue, DNCE’s bassist has a knack for finding the right moment to pose for a picture. Cole’s latest effort has him seeking out higher education in an unexpected place.

Posing with a giant trash can labeled “Harvard,” Cole captioned a recent Instagram post with a message about finally getting into the elite Ivy League school. But the joke might be on Cole because it looks like the “Harvard” in the photo is already full. According to his location tag on the post, Cole was actually at the Radio City Music Hall in New York.

See Cole celebrate in his natural element below.

(Photo credit: Cole Whittle Instagram account)

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