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Selena Gomez Helps Throw a ‘Pretty In Pink’ Birthday Party for BFF Raquelle Stevens

Selena Gomez Raquelle Stevens Ashley CookSelena Gomez was captured in pics posted to social media helping celebrate a ‘Pretty in Pink’-themed birthday party for one of her besties, Raquelle Stevens. Some of the pics show Selena, Raquelle and a few other friends setting up balloons during the daytime. Other pics shot at night show a sun-shaped birthday cake and what looks like a bigger group of friends.

Among those at the party with Selena and Raquelle were musicians Simi Khadra and Haze Khadra, designer Zizi Donohue, iHeartRadio’s Tanya Rad, Zahra Ayub, Alicia Medici, Ashley Cook, and Caroline Franklin.

Some keen-eyed fans of singer Charlie Puth also noticed from a short clip that he posted to his Instagram Stories that he was holding the same cute puppy that can be seen cuddling in pics with Selena at the party and Continue Reading →

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Selena Gomez Looked Pretty Glam at Her Best Friend’s Wedding

Courtney Barry Selena Gomez Feature 4Selena Gomez looked glamorous as the Maid of Honor at her best friend Courtney Barry’s wedding in Los Angeles. In an unconventional move, it looks like Selena decided not to wear white or any of the other bright or pale colors typical of Maids of Honor and, instead, wore a sleeveless black gown embellished with shiny, jewel-like ornaments.

Courtney, on the other hand, did wear white, and chose an elegant, form-fitting silk gown with a dramatic, scoop-shaped back when she walked down the aisle with her new husband, Samuel Lopez. Courtney’s father, Steve Barry, took to Instagram to share his thanks for all of Selena’s help on his daughter’s big day.

“Thank you,” Steve captioned a picture of Selena fussing over a detail on Courtney’s gown prior to the wedding, “@selenagomez for being a wonderful Maid of Honor to my daughter @courtneyjbarry.”

We have a lot of photos and some videos shared by guests below.   Continue Reading →

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Selena Gomez Was Looking Happy, Tan and Curvy in Cabo

Selena Gomez Cabo FeatureSelena Gomez posted pics of herself celebrating a bachelorette getaway to Cabo San Lucas earlier in the week with BFF Courtney Barry, who will soon be getting married. Also on the trip were a wider group of Selena’s besties, including Raquelle Stevens and Ashley Cook.

From Selena’s pics, as well as those posted over the last few days by fans on social media, the “Wolves” singer looked relaxed and healthy in swimwear while having fun with her friends on the beach. Selena’s friends also posted some pics of the group riding horses and getting ready to enjoy Cabo’s nightlife.

We have a gallery of Selena’s photos below.   Continue Reading →

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Getting Back to Regular Life: Selena Gomez Grabs Lunch at a Mexican Restaurant, Visits Friends for Christmas

Selena Gomez Friends LAAfter returning from her recent time in institutionalized mental health care, Selena Gomez was caught chilling out with friends yesterday near her Los Angeles area home. Selena was filmed without makeup in fuzzy cardigan, jeans and sneakers getting a casual lunch with a small group that appeared to include BFFs Ashley Cook and Raquelle Stevens at Ernie’s Mexican Restaurant in North Hollywood.

Later in the day, it looked like she went right from lunch to visit a friend with the same group for what appeared to be a low-key holiday get-together. We have a couple videos of Selena enjoying a no-stress day of hanging out below.   Continue Reading →

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