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Zayn Used Rebecca Ferguson For Money, Now She’s Using Him For Publicity

Rebecca Ferguson was Zayn's sugar mamaZayn’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca Ferguson is coming clean about the true nature of their relationship and it was a lot more take than give on Zayn’s part. “I’ve dated people in the past that have taken money off me,” Rebecca said during an interview on “Loose Women” Thursday morning.

The former couple dated in 2011 while competing on “The X Factor,” sparking controversy due to their six-year age difference. “I was 23 and he was 18. I would pay the bill quite a lot. People will be quite surprised by that. But I’d split the bill now,” Rebecca added, referencing the millions Zayn has earned from both One Direction and his solo career.

Gigi Hadid better hide her purse.

See everything Rebecca had to say about her cheapskate ex below.

(Photo credit: hoIIandsstan Twitter account)

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