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Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” Just Became An Anthem For The #MeToo Movement

Demi Lovato singer of the metoo movement-1Taylor Swift may have been highlighted as a silence breaker for TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year” issue, but some people think Demi Lovato’s music should be the #MeToo movement’s anthem. In a recent article published to Refinery29, write Courtney E. Smith claims that “Sorry Not Sorry” had been recast as a “message of empowerment” for the movement.

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Demi Lovato Gets Real About Being A Former “C*nt”

Demi Lovato For Refinery29From overcoming addiction to standing up for women’s rights, Demi Lovato takes Refinery29 on a journey through her path to becoming “Confident.” The only topic that isn’t covered in the singer’s interview is the fate of her relationship with Wilmer Valderrama. “It’s nobody’s business but ours, and when it happens, it happens,” she declares.

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