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Normani Kordei Is Still Here For Fifth Harmony, But More Solo Work Can Be Expected

Normani Kordei For Regard MagazineFifth Harmony fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Normani Kordei probably isn’t going to pull a Camila Cabello anytime soon. Normani is featured in Regard Magazine’s latest issue and discusses her relationship with music among other aspects of her career. “Music is my way of feeling understood. Music makes me feel alive. Music has saved me,” she says. Normani eventually confirms that she is looking forward to Fifth Harmony’s future.

Fans are in luck if they feel like they haven’t gotten enough of Normani’s recent solo ventures. “I’m currently working on my own personal endeavors inside and out of music. I have such an incredible year ahead,” Normani tells the magazine. Her solo work won’t be getting in the way of Fifth Harmony as she makes sure to mention that there is, in fact, a future. “I’m also extremely excited for what’s to come for Fifth Harmony. I have three beautiful sisters who I can’t wait to share this next chapter with,” she adds.

Normani also stresses the importance of paving her own way during various points of the interview, which is odd considering how identity is often lost while being in a group. “I have always strived to be a business woman. I have never just wanted to be the face,” she says. “I intended to be the navigator of my own career.” Her words seem to suggest that she might not have gotten all that she originally set out to achieve, but after listing her musical inspirations she declares that all is not lost. “I love the authenticity and truth. I will wear all of the hats,” she says.

See a few photos from Normani’s spread below and check out the full interview here.

(Photo credit: 5HonTour Twitter account)

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Gregg Sulkin Wants To Produce His Next TV Project After “Faking It”

Gregg Sulkin For Regard Mag-8Gregg Sulkin is on the cover of Regard magazine’s “Fall TV” issue. The 23 year old, who was Regard’s Leading Man of the Year, told the magazine what he hopes his acting plans will be when he’s finished with “Faking It.”

“Ideally I want my next TV project after ‘Faking It’ to be something that I will also & then continue to film movies with interesting stories and a purpose.”

The Regard issue will be out tomorrow, but check out Gregg’s photo spread below.

(Photo credits: Gregg Sulkin and Regard Magazine Instagram accounts and PrettyBoySulkin Twitter account)