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Demi Lovato On Strategy She Uses When Life Gets Overwhelming ‘Now I Sit On My Hands’

demi-handsDemi Lovato revealed: ‘I’ve actually learned how to overcome those feelings without drugs and alcohol.. and I now live well, even though I have bipolar disorder. Every day I have to remind myself that I have an addiction and that I have suffered in the past from an eating disorder

And that I have to take the steps that are required for my bipolar disorder in order to live a normal life… It is not something that I forget about.’ Whenever life gets overwhelming, Demi who used to cut herself revealed how she copes: ‘Now I sit on my hands if I have to and just say, ‘There’s nothing I can do in this moment to change the circumstances in my life’.

When my father passed away.. I was like, ‘There’s absolutely nothing I could do. I could take drugs, I could self-harm, I could do all these things, but nothing is worth doing; I’ve done them all (and) it doesn’t fix everything. So I just sat through it and I felt for the first time, and I think that’s so much more empowering when you are able to feel something.

It upsets me when people throw around the word bipolar, like, ‘I can’t decide what I want to eat today, I’m so bipolar!’ I would have episodes where I would write seven songs in one night and stay up until five or six in the morning feeling very invincible.
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Louis Tomlinson Kissing Tall Mystery Girl After Announcing Eleanor Calder Breakup, Released To Deflect Attention From Zayn Malik Quitting 1D Tour?


Louis Tomlinson pictured kissing a tall mystery girl after releasing the information that he has broken up with Eleanor Calder. Larry Stylinson fans immediately thought that Louis broke up with her to with Harry Styles, but if you look more closely at the situation is appears the Louis breakup/ hookup was released to deflect attention from Zayn quitting the 1D tour leaving thousands of fans in pain.

UPDATE: The girl was in the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ music video!
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Insider ‘Selena Gomez Drinks And Just Sits There Staring Off Into Space And Crying’

selena-gomez-crying0-Justin Bieber not defending comments about Selena Gomez’s sexual promiscuity at Comedy Central’s Roast reportedly triggered her back into her pre-rehab lifestyle of drinking and partying (She needs Demi’s help again!). An insider close to Selena’s circle revealed to CDL:

‘Since the roast was filmed, Selena has been a wreck. She has partied every single night, she sleeps like the entire day away and then goes out and drinks and sits there staring off into space or crying. Everyone is scared she is going to wind up back in rehab.’

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Miley Cyrus Nipples Beaming T-Shirt ‘ ‘Marijuana, It’s Time To Change The Law’ + Headed To Rehab?

Semi-Exclusive... Miley Cyrus Makes A Bold Fashion Statementmiley-rehabmip-2mip-4Miley Cyrus, who is known for making interesting fashion statements, goes braless while heading to a friend’s house in Hollywood, California on January 14, 2015. Miley was showing her love for marijuana by rocking a t-shirt which reads, ‘Marijuana, It’s Time To Change The Law.’ Photos: FameFlynet.

+ Miley is finally headed to rehab? In Sun Valley, Idaho Miey twerked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, reports Us Weekly. Arnold asked Miley, ‘when are you going to twerk for me?’Patrick ‘looked horrified and spent the rest of the time sulking while Miley tried to act like nothing was wrong. It was so uncomfortable.’

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