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In Case You Forgot, Vanessa Hudgens Has A New Single

In Case You Forgot, Vanessa Hudgens Has A New Single featureVanessa Hudgens brought her new single “Reminding Me” to the “Today Show” on Monday morning. Starting off her week with the moody ballad, Vanessa rocked her best Coachella formalwear as she and Shawn Hook stepped into the studio with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford.

With Shawn on piano, a full band and some string accompaniment, Vanessa did her best lounge act impersonation as she kept the sultry song G-rated. The duo also spoke with the hosts to share how they met up and got started on the project together.

Watch Vanessa and Shawn perform “Reminding Me” below.

(Photo credit: Today Show Instagram account)

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Vanessa Hudgens Announces Her Return To Music And The World Is Already Cringing

The World Is Already Cringing: Vanessa Hudgens Announces Her Return To Music featureAfter teasing a cryptic new project, Vanessa Hudgens has announced that she’s returning to music with a video. The “Powerless” actress will be featured on a new track from Shawn Hook. Vanessa and the Canadian singer will drop “Reminding Me” this Friday.

Vanessa shared some cover art for the song on social media and also posted a still and clip from the upcoming video. All of the imagery is in black-and-white and the music in the clip has moody piano vibes.

Check out Vanessa’s announcement and the teaser for the new video below.

Are you ready for Vanessa’s return to music?

(Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens Instagram account)

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