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No One In Orlando Seems To Know Who DNCE Or the Jonas Brothers Are

No One In Orlando Seems To Know Who DNCE Or the Jonas Brothers AreLast month, Selena Gomez and DNCE took the “Revival World Tour” to Orlando. While the band was there, it was put on assignment by local radio station 106.7 XL. Paired off in teams of two, Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee tested locals on their familiarity with DNCE and the Jonas Brothers.

What followed would’ve been a shot to the ego for most entertainers, especially ones with hits as big as “Cake By the Ocean.” But the members of DNCE took it all in stride.

Check out the members of DNCE flexing their interview skills and getting embarrassed below.

(Photo credit: DNCEPromos Twitter account)

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Selena Gomez Is Teaming Up With Zac Efron’s Ex For The “Revival Tour”

Selena Gomez teams up w: Zac Efron's ex-5If you’ve noticed that Selena Gomez’s “Revival Tour” outfits have been looking a little different lately, you would be correct. You can thank Sami Miró for the singer’s style change. Selena has teamed up with Zac Efron’s ex-girlfriend to redesign her stage looks for a special collaboration.

“When @selenagomez asks you to design her new #revivaltour looks exclusively with @samimirovintage you come through with a bang! Thank you for this incredible opportunity baby,” Sami announced on Instagram with a photo of Selena wearing one of the her vintage pieces. Selena is currently on the Asian leg of her tour and due to the religious and modest beliefs of some countries, the singer has been covering herself up a little more as a show of respect.

Take a look at Selena wearing a few of Sami’s creations below.

(Photo credits: Selena Gomez and Sami Miró Instagram accounts)

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“Too Sexy” Selena Gomez Tones Down Her Performance In Malaysia

Selena Gomez tones down for Malaysia-8Selena Gomez’s “Revival Tour” kicked off in Malaysia on Monday, even after her concert was protested by the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party. According to chairman Hafez Sabri, Selena is “too sexy” and her being in the country would “tarnish the sanctity of Syawal.”

The concert did go on as scheduled, but the singer changed a few elements of her show to honor the country’s values. One thing she did was change her stage outfits to less revealing articles of clothing and even featured edited versions of her performance visuals. There were a few protesters outside of the arena, but even they weren’t able to stop Selena from possibly feeling “unauthentic” again.

What do you think of Selena’s more modest concert?

(Photo credits: GomezSource and stefpidity Twitter accounts; Revival Tour Instagram account)

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