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Cara Delevingne Flips Off Paparazzi And Then Goes On Twitter Rant

Cara Delevingne has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind on social media. After recently defending herself from comments made by “Game of Thrones”actor, Robert Madden, yesterday Cara directed her anger towards the paparazzi who aggressively pursued her as she left London to fly to Milan.

She started off the series of tweets exclaiming “the paparazzi only get worse! I am not complaining but I just find it sad that I can’t live in my own city because for that reason.”  She then went on to explain why she shielded her face from their cameras.

Cara D twitter rant-1She ended her rant by threatening to one day camp outside of the photographers’ homes with cameras and that if karma didn’t come back to bite them, she “certainly will.” It looks like Cara is letting the paparazzi push her buttons and knows that venting on Twitter isn’t going to change things.

Cara Delevingne Paparazzi Twitter RantWe wonder if Cara’s aggravation with the paparazzi had anything to do with being tired from the night before.  She had been spotted leaving LOVE Magazine’s Mui Mui Fasion Week party looking a little worse for the wear. Despite the seemingly rough night, she did tweet “to answer your question, I did have a great night last night. Thank you! I definitely had a better night than you.”

Do you think Cara was just cranky from lack of sleep or is she justified in her frustrations with the paparazzi?

(Photo Credit: Cara Delevigne Twitter account and FameFlyNet)

Shy Cara Delevingne Catches A Flight Out Of London

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Cara Delevingne May Be ‘Ungrateful’ But At Least She’s Not ‘Desperate’

Care Delevigne VS Richard MaddenCara Delevingne is not letting former “Game of Thrones” actor, Richard Madden, get away with calling her “ungrateful”. In an interview with “Style” magazine, the actor criticized the model-turned-actress for her cringe-worthy interview while promoting the film “Paper Towns” earlier this summer.

“It was unprofessional,” Richard said. He then added, “It made her seem ungrateful. She showed her age…If you’re not capable of doing [press] gracefully, then don’t do it. “

If Richard thought Cara would never see his comments in the article then he was wrong. The 23 year old took to Twitter, yesterday, to respond to his previous insults. 

Cara Delevingne TweetsInstead of owning up to his comments, the actor blamed the media and quickly diffused any potential feud, “Hi @Caradelevingne, nothing but respect for you. Misquoted and blown out of proportion. #SlowNewsWeek.”

The lame apology seemed to work in his favor because Cara tweeted a thank you to him for clearing up any confusion and admitted she probably shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. She even deleted her original tweets.

Cara D vs Richard madden

Do you think Richard should’ve minded his own business, in the first place, or was he right to call Cara out for being rude during the interview?

(Photo Credit: Cara Delevigne Instagram account and Twitter account)