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Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet Flex and Tease on New Single “Monopoly”

Ariana Grande MonopolyAriana Grande and BFF Victoria Monet dropped a new single today called “Monopoly.” On the one hand, it is a kind of a rapper-like flex that points out just how much Ariana is dominating the pop world, “collecting checks” and dominating the “game” … as if it were a game of Monopoly.

On the other hand, the accompanying video — reportedly co-directed by Ariana’s bestie Alfredo Flores and Ariana’s ex Ricky Alvarez — is more of a tongue in cheek, emoji-filled parody of the type of video clips Ariana likes to post to her Instagram Stories. In fact, it seems so much like an inside joke that Continue Reading →

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Ally Brooke Can’t Keep Her Hands Off of Ariana Grande’s Ex in Video for New Single “Low Key”

Ally Brooke Low Key 2Ally Brooke has dropped the video for her official debut single as a solo artist, “Low Key” featuring Tyga. In the video, the one-time Fifth Harmony member performs at a dance audition with Ariana Grande’s controversial former backup dancer — and former boyfriend — Ricky Alvarez, who plays a dancer who looks seriously thirsty for Ally’s attention.

Luckily for him, Ally’s character seems just as thirsty …

You can check out the video below.   Continue Reading →


“I Want It, I Got It:” Ariana Flexes Like a Rapper In Sexy Video for New Single “7 Rings”

Ariana Grande 7 Rings OfficialAriana Grande wants to show her fans some of her “favorite things.” Things like champagne, jewelry, couture clothes, and hanging with her “b**ches.”

And Ari shows all those things and more in the just-released official music video for her new single, “7 Rings.” Where her last video, “Thank U, Next,” was a multi-layered shout-out to all of Ariana’s favorite chick flicks, the video for “7 Rings” is basically one long pop-diva flex that seems straight out of the playbooks of a Nicki Minaj or a Cardi B.

It is hard to tell if the rap-influenced track represents a new musical direction for Ariana or a bit of a one-off. But one message is clear. This girl does not need Pete Davidson. Not when she’s got her money, her swag, her friends, her dogs (and maybe the occasional unapologetic booty call from ex Ricky Alvarez) …

We have the full official music video for “7 Rings” below. We also have the official audio file for those interested.  Continue Reading →

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Ariana Grande Tweets She Won’t Date Anyone in 2019 … Then Promptly Gets Spotted with Ex Ricky Alvarez

Ariana Grande Ricky AlvarezAriana Grande took to Twitter yesterday to make a big deal about how she has no intentions of letting herself get close to anyone again in 2019 … or maybe ever. Responding to a fan who asked the question “who is dating Ariana now,” Ariana stepped into the dialogue and tweeted “Can they tell me too?”, before she added “spoiler for the rest of this year / probably my life: it’s no one. please refer back to this tweet for further questions.”

However, that seemed a bit suspect to many when only hours later Ariana was caught hopping around New York with one of her exes — one that some in her inner circle have felt was not good for her. Continue Reading →

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Ariana Grande Teases New Single “Imagine”

Ariana Grande ImagineIn the last 24 hours, Ariana Grande has left a bit of a trail of hints teasing her new single, “Imagine” — which may be released as early as tomorrow, December 13th.

First, she tweeted out the Chinese characters to the song’s title last night. She also played a snippet of the song on Instagram Live. During the same session, she wrote

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Youtube Releases Official Trailer for New Docu-series ‘Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Diaries’

Ariana Grande Dangerous WOmanAfter sharing some of the first details on social media yesterday about it’s latest docu-series, Youtube Premium today released a video trailer for Ariana Grande: Diaries of a Dangerous Woman.

Youtube Premium’s four part docu-series is supposed to cover Ariana’s personal life during some of the high points of her musical career. From the trailer, it looks like the series will cover some periods where there has been limited information in the past, including Ariana’s experiences after the Manchester Arena Bombing as well as her studio work with Pharrell Williams which led to Sweetener and arguably the most successful artistic era of her career.

It also looks like the series will explore Ariana’s notoriously close relationships with backup dancers and musicians during her tours. Some of her friends have pointed to her relationship with one-time backup dancer Ricky Alvarez as one of the most out of control periods of her life, a period which included Donutgate, a rescinded invitation to the White House and at least a temporary break with manager and mentor Scooter Braun.

What is not clear is if the Continue Reading →

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